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When Comes The Death of the King and Queen?

What is it to be a man whose light that shines upon him is merely reflected from a sick and evil sex abuser and the survivor that has been “blessed” with┬áD.I.D.?

I’ve denied my sexuality. I’ve buried it in order so I don’t confront my wife over the loss of hers. I have allowed the King Rat Bastard to take away part of who I am.

guilt1I’ve told myself it is not important. I’ve excused the Queen Rat Bastard (bitch?) for knowingly allowing at least one of her daughters to be sexually abused while doing nothing to stop it by saying it was part of the times. I try to keep occupied with work or hobbies or reading so I don’t offend. I’ve allowed this to happen for years. Even decades as the specter of abuse and the abuser has overshadowed our marriage.

I am told I need not be afraid of my sexuality; that it does not need to remain buried. I am entitled as a human being to enjoy this gift from God. I hear the words. The mind listens. But the heart, well, no the heart does not understand.


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