About The Blog

My name is not Michael. My wife’s name is not Susan. Some non-essential information in the blog is intentionally vague or not factual to keep Susan’s anonymity.

What is factual is this:

My wife was sexually abused from about 3 years old to about 11 years old by her father, a cousin, an uncle, a carnival worker, and a dentist. Five different sexual abusers. She had oral sex performed on her, forced to perform blow jobs and hand jobs. She received anal sex.  The cousin pimped her out. Her mother was fully aware her father was abusing her. In fact her father told her mother to “clean her up”  and covered up the other signs of physical abuse her father gave her.

Susan was beaten, belittled, prevented from having playmates so she could keep the family secrets. She was ignored and left alone, except when needed to give sexual gratification. She was told what to do and what she was going to do it. And since she was groomed as an infant, she had no way of knowing what people did to her was wrong, sick, and evil.

All this while her family presented itself as a solid, upstanding family in the community and at church. People looked up to her family as exemplary. Close, willing to share, talented and knowledgeable. A false front of true Christian values.

As a result of the abuse, she has Dissociative Identity Disorder. She is filled with shame, guilt, depression, and self-loathing. She will discuss a memory or feeling she has about her abuse then 15 minutes later, questions whether the abuse really happened. She fears leaving the house, loud places, and loathes men. She does not like anyone sitting next to her or casually touching her. Susan usually wears longs sleeved top hiding the scars inflicted on her self when she used to cut and physically beat herself.  There are major gaps in her memory because she was burying what was happening to her

I am the son of an abusive father and an alcoholic mother. I have worked and continue to work on my own personal issues of depression, anxiety, and shame. Compared to her, my life was a walk in the park.

God damn the rat bastards that did this to her!


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