Look Around; What Do You See

I’m always glad when the weekend arrives. If I allow it, it gives me time to think.

That was the message I took away from my therapist a couple of days ago. Think of the bigger picture. What is going on? What is bothering me.

We chatted for some time about my job. This was part of my plan when I left my previous therapist and mens group; that in addition to helping me understand and cope with a wife who has D.I.D, I would get support on my own issues of depression, anxiety, and general support. There are not many things I can say I worked out in my mind and planned for in my life but this is one of them and so far it is working well.

I have not been close with Susan for the last 4 to six weeks. I’m thinking what’s wrong with me? Am I drifting away from her? Where has my commitment gone? It’s not a coincidence that I prepped for a job interview and started a new job in that same time frame. I naturally don’t have the same time and energy to be emotionally supportive as I did when I wasn’t working. That’s understandable. No one is complaining, except for that perfectionistic part of my brain that tells me I SHOULD be all things to everyone all the time. Perhaps a good way to support Susan is to do the best job I can at the new shop and enjoy what I can acomplish there.





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