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The Last Book, Possibly

Possible vs. probable. We overlook their true meaning and I think at times, mix them and twist them together.

Possible = anything can happen. I could be stuck by lightning today, even though the sun is out, shaded occasionally by Lightning Strikepuffy cotton ball clouds.

Probable = some value of chance that the event will happen. Yes, I could be struck by lightning on a sunny day, but the chance I would be (I’m guessing) 1 in a billion.

I’m 99.9% sure I have read every “Partner of Sexual Abuse Survivor” book published. Very probable. At least when I check Amazon for titles. I have every title on the subject. A couple I tossed out in frustration and anger but purchased again some years later. I was not ready or my partner was not ready for the information contained therein.

Now possibly, I’ve ordered the last book I will buy on the subject. When You Are The Partner of a Rape or Incest Survivior by Robert Barry Levine arrived in the mail this past week. It some 123 pages including Resources and Bibliography That’s short because it’s a workbook for partners to fill in thoughts and feeling based on topics outlined by the author. The suggestion is to take the writing you do and share it with your therapist, support group, or a friend. (Who among my friends I would want to share the fact that my with is an incest survivor is beyond my imagination).

It was way down on my list of abuse / partner books probably because it was so stinkin’ expensive. It has been selling on Amazon for $37 on up to over $900. Look it up if you don’t belive me. Somehow I spotted a used very good condition version for $15 plus shipping. Turns out that is the list price of the book.

It has possibilities. Chapter headings include Building You Support Network, Your Role in the Healing Process, Grief and Loss, Intimacy, Sex and Making Love, and Anger. It does not look like the type of book you have to go through in order, Chapter 1 to the end.

At a glance it does not cover D.I.D, which as you know is the frosting on the sex abuse / incest cake. Few if any books do mention D.I.D. and if they do, it may be noted in a paragraph or a page. I do not consider that a reason to knock a book. Maybe the loss of a half star rating.

I’m probably going to go at this book and topics slow as I have so much going on right now. One thing at a time.


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