Whish’n and Hope’n

Until the Infinite Mind D.I.D conference almost a year ago,  I’ve never knowingly met someone, other than Susan, with D.I.D, Or a partner / support person of someone with D.I.D. One of my great frustrations is not having a support group anywhere near me where I can share and listen to others. My own therapist has been of great help.

At the conference, I met about 20 support people from around North America each with a unique and yet similar story to tell. People with questions; people trying to figure Pianoout why they are in the situation; trying to come to grips with the effects a traumatic abuse, searching for a ray of hope. Maybe, above all, the knowledge they are not alone.

Of the all the support people, there was one whom I found a connection to with our similar thoughts and emotions. Superficially, we could not be different. North / south; black / white; female / male; older / younger; I think we shared the sense of loss that we have for our partners, and the anger and resentment we feel, a sense of helplessness, and frustration of having our lives swallowed up by work of pure evil that we and our partners. I think we felt, perhaps more than the others that because of something out of our control, we lost who we are and our sense of self.

I received word that this person and their partner may not be able to make the conference this year, I have hope that they will be there. I am not usually a hopeful person. If the sun is shining, I can see the massive cloud on the horizon that has no silver lining. I can find the bad in anything. But I’m thinking positive thoughts so we can get better a step or two at a time.


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