Mind Meeting

After the fiasco with the self-injury issue, I called my therapist and told her I had it up to “here.” She suggested it was time for a meeting with Susan and her therapist and the two of us. I agreed something had to be done as whatever I had been saying to Susan about the affect her self-injury was having on me was not getting through to her and the people / parts within. Perhaps I can take some vanishing-point-cover-plowdenof the blame for not being heard as I was rather loud in expressing my feelings.

It could have become a jump on Susan session, which I did not want. And it did not become a jump on her session. Susan’s therapist lead the session with one of Susan’s alters being in the forefront. This alter is very genuine, something that Susan usually can’t do on her own. She has a little different voice, speaking firmly and a little louder.

I am still not sure how I feel about the relationship, but I don’t feel like the earth is still moving. Time will tell if there was any sort of meeting of the minds. I am waiting to find some hope.


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