Many Miles To Go

We had a good trip, Susan and I, to the “North Woods.” The fishing was great! Fishing is always great; it’s the catching that is at times problematic. And it was a problem this trip. Overall though we had a good time and had some progress in our relationship and then and the very end a sour taste in my mouth. For this allow me to try to figure out the negative and I’ll see if I can find something positive about.

We drove the whole trip, about 1300 miles total. Susan does not do expressways and she certainly will not drive our vehicle while towing the boat. Going up we drove about 3/4th the way and completed the drive to where we were staying the next day. Coming back we did the trip in one shot. After the first three hours, I decided I just wanted to get home. Susan kept asking to stop if we saw a garage sale, if we saw someplace where they sell cheese, if we saw some place that sold ice cream, and on. At that three-hour mark we stopped for gas, bathroom break,  one of her requests. When we got in the car I told with another 8 to 9 hours until we got home, there would be no more stops Interstateexcept for gas and restroom. She agreed.

Three hours later we pulled off for gas and the restroom. We were in and out in less than 10 minutes. Then Susan spied an ice cream shop kitty corner across the intersection and asked if we could stop for ice cream since it was “so close.”

“No!”, I said nearly shouting. “What did we agree to?

After some silence a few miles down the road, she asks if we can stop at the ice cream shop near our house when we get there. I said no, I just want to get home. More silence for a while. Then she says. “What am I supposed to tell Elizabeth?” who is her ice cream loving part.

I have no answer.

I’m angry at being put in the position of parent and frustrated that Susan and I as adults can’t seem to reach an agreement on something and stick to it. At the next gas stop, there is another ice cream next to the gas station. We do our thing and instead of turning left to get back on the interstate, I turn right, park and wait in the car so she can get the ice cream.



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