Balancing Act

For the last 4 years I have been either unemployed or underemployed. The great recession nearly destroyed my profession. As things have come back I found that 1) companies are trying to get their footing again and one way they are doing that is looking for younger staff generally not long out of school. And 2) The youngsters have had exposure to new technology which I lack. That all said, for the last 6 weeks or so I’ve been working full-time and them some.

Uh…. this is a partner of survivors blog.wave

What this means is I have been preoccupied with work which is a good thing. Too much time spent thinking about the D.I.D. mess at home wears one down and is not a good thing. On the other hand, too much time spent thinking about work and not being as supportive to Susan as I would like  is also not a good thing.

While over the last few weeks I’ve found myself withdrawn from Susan and her adventures, in the past few days I’ve found myself drawing closer to her. I believe the reasons are that inside I am probably thinking I have some control of things at the shop. Some belief in myself and talking with my therapist has helped.

Another reason is we are taking off for a week “Up North.” We’ve had this trip planned for months so we are working together to help get each other and our stuff ready.

Life ebbs and flows. Relationships ebb and flow. I think it’s important to recognize the ebbs, understand why they are happening, and not beat yourself up when they happen. Talk to your partner honestly about the ebb. Watch for and try to recognise the beginning of the flow.

And enjoy the flow; relish the flow, celebrate the flow.

Yes. celebrate the flow!





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