A Word On The Written Word

Sadly few books are written specifically for partners of sex abuse survivors with D.I.D.

On the other hand, partners have to deal with the ramifications of the sex abuse in sexual relationships and fortunately, there are a number of good books for survivors and partners. This is understandable when you consider the total population of sex abuse survivors with D.I.D. is small compared to the whole.  Some sex abuse bsun-spot-booksooks may make reference in passing to D.I.D. as one of the possible symptoms of childhood sex abuse or offer a succinct paragraph or page of how and why D.I.D. develops.

There is still value in the sex abuse books. It is my belief that the more you know about D.I.D. from reliable, factual sources the more you will be aware of how your survivor / partner thinks and the ramifications that has as you try to repair the gift of a whole intimate relationship, starting perhaps as holding hands and then on to full physical intimacy as you and your partner would like to share and enjoy.

You can read every ‘repairing a sexual relationship’ book to be informed, learn exercises, and get feedback, but you and your partner will need the assistance of a therapist to avoid damaging regression and make meaningful progress. We tried it ‘by the book’ and the results caused hurt, anger, tears, and setback. We are not going to repair our sexual relationship without assistance and until WE are ready. Your results may vary.

My plan is to develop a page that lists reading material for partners with some personal comments. While I would not call them ratings, I may add if they were helpful to me and if they are aimed for a particular audience.


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