Outing The King Rat Bastard

I’ve thought about this for at least the last month – should I or shouldn’t I?

And  I have decided, YES I WILL!  I do not know if I will get as much satisfaction out of this as I would like to but I will get some I have no doubt.

Susan’s first sexual abuser and now as I am learning probably her last (hope beyond hope) was her father¹, who I now refer to as the King Rat Bastard. The KRB along with the Queen Rat Bastard, her mother¹, set her up for all the abuse that followed.

If Only Betty Knew

If Only Betty Knew

The KRB was an entertainer, going back to vaudeville. He was the leader of Polynesian troupe I would say was semi-famous, back in the day. So semi-famous they appeared in a Betty Boop cartoon.

Seriously. Some things I can’t make up.

After the opening credits in the cartoon, there is a filmed portion of the group with a hula dancer. The King Rat Bastard is the mope in the first row, far right, gaily strumming the ukulele. If you watch further into the cartoon his voice can be heard singing as Betty goes down the river and he was the one who was rotoscoped² doing the slap dance.

If you want to see the sicko, also be aware there are some racial overtones to the cartoon that were not unusual for the day.

Have your air sick bag at the ready. Here’s the link:


¹ In name only

² Rotoscope



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