I Promise Not To Make Promises

If there is one Sunday in a year that I know Susan and I will not be in church, it will be Father’s Day. I don’t ask if she plans on going and I don’t go to support her.

I mentioned in passing earlier this week that with our usual obligation not standing in the way, we might consider stopping ay a local sandwich shop for a light brunch. Maybe a bagel or pastry and juice. She said that could be nice but we let it go at that. Nothing etched in stone, as far as I was concerned. Just a thought.
Friday night I had a taste for a chocolate malt so Susan (and the kids, who love ice cream) got in the car and got some malts. It was spur of the moment and we had a nice time. The next day, I thought again about the brunch and figured we’d skip it. We had our treat for a few days.

But as I found out, that’s not how some of the people inside her understood the light brunch talk. To them, that is what was happening Sunday morning. Susan was Sunday Morning 2talking about how she was excited about the light brunch and was really looking forward to it. I sensed this was not really Susan talking but one of the children within. An adult does not get this excited about something this simple. Believe me, I’m not this sensitive very often, but I must say I did figure out 4=2+2 this time.

I heard about this type of behavior at the conference we attended earlier this year. Just like flesh and bone children think something mentioned in passing will actually, really, happen the children within have the same thinking. I seem to remember overhearing my parents discussing something we might do as a family and excited at the very prospect and then being disappointed when it didn’t happen for whatever reason.

So we did go out for pastry and juice. I checked with Susan after and she said how much the kids within enjoyed the outing.

Then point is

I have to be careful about what I say and how I say something in front of the others, who are always present

Be clear when something is just an idea, not an official plan

Learn to work with the children within when I don’t get the two ideas above just right and have to explain and retract.



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