I Asked For It

Schedules have been modified. Calendars cleared. Adjustments made.

Susan starts her twice a week sessions this week. In addition to her standard Tuesday afternoon session, she will see her therapist early Wednesday evenings. When the days are long, she will drive to and from her Wednesday sessions. I’ll be driving her Wednesdays when the days shorten, probably about mid-September, as she and the calendarothers are afraid to drive in the dark.

While I don’t think back to back days of therapy are ideal for her, this is the best that can be done to get her the help she needs. I respect her therapist and have to trust this will work in her best interests.

She needs something. She won’t leave the house unless she absolutely has to. Now she won’t even go with me into the yard for a few minutes to water the tomatoes. She will agree if I want to take her for a ride. I assume she considers being in the car as being inside. She asked me to go with her to the library for a couple of hours tomorrow, which we will do. Her work efficiency is slipping.

I am totally uncomfortable.


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