Part-ly Cloudy

One of the things I have learned is that some of the people within Susan are not fully developed entities. Her therapist informed me those that are in her may only be pats, that played a certain role protecting Susan.

For example, as part of his grooming technique, King Rat Bastard would take Susan out for a treat, usually ice cream. She would enjoy the outing until they got to the front door of the house. At that point Susan would dissociate as she knew what was going to happen when they got inside. She created a indigo-skypart whose sole task was to get Susan from the front door to the place that she would be sexually abused that day. He refered to that identity as a “part.”¹

Susan told me a few days ago another person, or perhaps a part presented herself. I’m proud to say I handled the information calmly, and in a matter of fact way; just the same as I would have reacted if she told me the weather forecast said it was going to rain today.

Susan said her name is Emily. She is convinced that she is not making this us as she said she hates the name Emily and would never use that name on her own.

I asked if she knew Emily’s age.

Probably 6 or 7 years old.

How did you find out about her?

She came to me in my head screaming “HELP! HELP! Get me out of here!”

What else do you know about her?

That’s about it. It could be she is one of the other unnamed identities or just some part that is holding on to a small memory within me. We may know more over time…

The way we spoke to each other confirmed neither of this was any reason to panic or work hard to find out who Emily really is, her purpose, why now, and all the edgy things I would have come up in the past.

I’m pleased to say this was a brief, very matter of fact conversation. This was the first time she volunteered to me that there was someone new within her, or at least discuss new part. I think that we both handled it well.

Our bodies and minds are marvellous creations, even in the face of evil.

¹Susan would dissociate into what ever part or identity she created to hide within while she was sexually abused.



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