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In Your Dreams

Susan is at her therapists office. They have something planned to discuss and it’s something she has put off for a while, so on one hand I am happy with tdreamshis. Today,
though, I wanted to have her talk about something she told me that we could have had a fight about.  And maybe we should have.

A few days ago, I was doing some financial stuff on the computer and she was in the home office with me. Because of the way things are arranged,  we were not looking at each other face to face. She mentioned she was having dreams about her father. She said she sees his face in these dreams, which slowly becomes my face. I didn’t look at her as I said. “How do you think that makes me feel?”

To the back of my head, she replied, “And how do you think that makes me feel?”

End of conversation.

I’ve told her hundreds of times I’m not her father; I’m not any of her abusers.  Susan has told me she knows I not any of her abusers. Maybe she knows intellectually I’m not one of her abusers, but I still am emotionally.

When is she going to actually get this fact into her head?




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