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Meet The Sons of Bitches Part 2

With Susan’s father and mother setting her up for future abuse by teaching her that this is how people older than her treat her and show how much they “love and care”
for her, she was ready to have another abuser. Enter the next abuser.

The Male Cousin

First some back ground before I get into specifics with this piece of shit: In Susan’s father’s Polynesian culture, one could decide that if they do not want to raise their child, they can contact a brother or sister and give the child to them to raise. The culture says you must accept the child offered by your brother or sister and treat the child “on loan” better than your own children.  A sister of Susan’s father no longer wanted to deal with her son so she sent son to Susan’s family to raise.

The male cousin arrives when Susan she is about 5 years old with him being about 9 or so. Susan and her sister have to refer to him as their brother.¹ In short order he figures out that Susan is very inappropriately sexualized and takes advantage of the situation. As noted he is given preferential treatment within the familysplit head.

On one hand she is sexually abused by her father; on the other hand sexually abused by the cousin. Susan learns this is how people treat each other in a family. She is dissociating so much that she has no recollection of the 4th grade, even today. Deliberately isolated, without friends of any kind, she has no way to see how a family operates within proper norms. Perhaps she would not have understood anyway.

The cousin uses, abuses, and pimps her out over the next five years and unconsciously learns to despise the site of male genitalia. Somehow The King Rat Bastard² discovers what the cousin is up to and sends the cousin packing. Nothing will convince me that he acted to protect Susan. He saw competition for her body and got rid of it.

The Queen Rat Bastard³ does nothing.

¹. Until recently, Susan refered to this mope as her brother. For years I objected vehemently when she called him her brother, so is now referring to him properly as her cousin.

² Susan’s father

³ Susan’s mother


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