The Father, The Son, and The Unbelievers

Sue and I are Christians, members of a familiar sect.

We have a deep faith in our beliefs and doctrines of the Gospel. We belive in an afterlife. We believe our marriage is forever. I could go on.

But I’ve found there is a chasm between the “Gospel” and the “Church.”

The Church does not know what to do with long-term mental issues. At best, they are in a transition period. Not long ago, mental heath problems were looked on as a weakness that could be resolved by faith and prayer. I think that is still the attitude of the ordinary member. Now, the Chuch acknowledges the need for mental health care, but only as a short-term solution. They offer a modified AA type 12 step program for chemical addiction, and for men who are addicted to porn, and a support for wives of men who are porn addicts, but nothing for physical abuse and sex abuse survivors. Well, I shouldn’t say nothing. The Church website does have a page or two for abuse survivors but it consists mainly of a 15-year-old speech where sex abuse survivors are directed to contemplate their role in the sex abuse and repent of their sins as they contributed to the encouragement and continuation of the abuse. 

They don’t get it! They don’t understand “grooming.” They don’t understand a child is never at fault.


They still induce guilt on the survivors.

Since the Church is so far behind dealing with mental health issues, the members don’t know what to do. Just pray and pray more, and do what you are supposed to do for others and all your problems will go away. Then they seem to go away because they can’t relate. No one in our Church, in our congregation really hurts.

No one.


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