Good Riddance!

Goodbye to a so-so year.

What can I find that’s good:

– I got back in the workplace with a reasonably steady job. Not what I was making pre-crash but it’s in my field and background.

– Sue settled in with her therapist, one that specialized in sex abuse / DID. Even in a large metropolitan area where the population could be counted in the millions, they are hard to find.

– She is making progress. As much as I don’t like it, her ability to say no to any thing / sight / activity even closely related to or possible leading to a sexual encounter is progress. Yes, it’s counter-intuitive but that’s how it goes.

– I decided to see a therapist that specializes in sex abuse / DID so I can better understand what is going on with her. Actually the therapist is the partner of Sue’s therapist.

– We added another grandchild. They are the light of Sue’s life. Mine too.

– Sue found out there is a conference in Orlando, FL in early February for traumatic abuse survivors. We’ve made reservations for her. The agenda describes some very interesting breakout sessions.

Well, what’s not so good:

– Therapy and psyche meds are costing us an arm and a leg. Even with insurance we’re talking around $12,000.00 this past year. Money that could be used for retirement, or a nice vacation or who all knows what else. We’re not saving a dime; we’re dipping into our savings. Yeah, I suppose I should be happy we have the resources. Well, I’m not. All this because some perverts, starting with her father, got off using a 3-year-old to 11-year-old girl for their deviant sexual satisfaction. Tough shit, if you think that’s cold.

 – The Orlando conference will cost about $650.00 for air fare, hotel, and conference fee for Sue. As they say on TV, but wait, there’s more!. My therapist strongly suggested Sue have an escort for the conference. Someone to watch over her so she does not get overloaded. So I will be going along too. Add on another $900.00 for my airfare, an extra night in the hotel and my lost wages (I have no paid time off). $1550.00 and we haven’t had a meal yet.

– Sue still can’t get mad at her abusers. Intellectually, she is mad at them. Deep down, in her heart, she feels nothing toward them. Her emotions are locked up with each identity that has yet to come forward. It’s going to get worse before it’s going to get better.

God bless us all in 2014…


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