Miles To Go

I have searched locally for support groups for partners who were sexually abused and have Dissociative Identity Disorder. We don’t live in some backwater, end of the tracks town. Not that there is anything wrong with living in a backwater, end of the tracks town.  I might like to try in one day. There are hundreds, if not thousands of mental health professionals near us.

Support for partners? Nothing.

You can find many sites for the survivors but nothing dedicated to the partner. Some survivor sites have a board for partners, but they are moderated by survivors and despite warnings, some survivors read the comments of the partners and. wow, do you get the blow-back!

Thus this attempt at a blog to reach out in cyberspace for others floating in the same leaky boat. For myself and for others.

That said, what I did in the last couple of months is have a one-on-one visited with my wife’s therapist. I usually sit in on a session with Susan 2 or three times a year (with prior permission from both. I don’t just show up). I wanted to ask some questions. It was a very good chat. I came away from appointment with an understanding of the subtle progress she’s made in the last 3 or so years. Some of my fears were calmed, and others raised.

Convinced more than ever that I needed to find some place express fears, frustration, sorrow, and understanding, I asked my wife’s therapist for the name of a colleague with similar ability and background working with survivors. He gave me the name two therapists, and described their approach keeping in mind my personality, outlook and history. I decided the best fit for me was the therapist in a community about an hour drive away that . O.K. not exactly convenient, but the plan is to see her perhaps once every other week for a couple of months, then once a month or ‘as needed’.


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